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Global Engagement
The University of Mississippi – Office of Global Engagement

The University of Mississippi aligns its public health guidance with the CDC and ACHA.  As such, we recommend a 7 day self-quarantine for any unvaccinated individual arriving to our campus, whether an employee, student, or scholar, from the date of arrival into the United States from an international location.  This guidance is precautionary and is not dependent on citizenship.

Vaccinated individuals do not need to self-quarantine after international travel but should monitor for symptoms and get a viral test 3 – 5 days after travel.

When is my self-quarantine over?

As long as you do not exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19, your self-quarantine period will be over 7 days from arrival into the United States.  Count your arrival date as day 1.

Can I go to campus to work or attend class?

As a precautionary measure, UM asks that you do not come to campus to work or attend class as these activities are for longer periods of time and indoors.  If you need necessities such as food from the dining halls or medical care from the Health Center, you may come to campus (see below).

We recommend that you communicate with your supervisors or instructors by email and tell them that you have a self-quarantine period per UM and CDC recommendations.  Let them know the date that you will be able to come to campus in person.

Can I self-quarantine somewhere else in the United States and then arrive in Oxford, Mississippi?


I have roommates or family members who live with me.  Should my housemates self-quarantine if they did not travel internationally?

Roommates or family members who have not traveled internationally do not need to self-quarantine. They would only need to quarantine if a roommate became sick or COVID-positive.

Note: Neither Global Engagement nor UM have a way to enforce or check the self-quarantine period for unvaccinated employees, so please communicate with your supervisor about this recommendation and your self-quarantine period.  We ask that you self-quarantine for the health and safety of you and those around you.  As always, unvaccinated individuals should wear masks indoors.

How should I get necessities during my self-quarantine?

Oxford has many options for delivery meals, groceries, and household items.

Individuals who are in the 7 day self-quarantine period can leave to purchase necessities, such as food and groceries.  Individuals in self-quarantine CAN:

  • Visit the Dining Halls on campus to get take away meals.  Please take away from the dining halls or Student Union and do not eat inside the dining hall or Student Union.  There are lots of places to eat outside on campus or you can return to your home.  Wear a mask indoors at the dining halls at all times.
  • Visit grocery stores such as Kroger or Wal Mart to buy food and necessities.  Wear a mask when inside.
  • Order delivery from grocery stores such as Kroger or Wal Mart to buy food and necessities.
  • Take away from restaurants in Oxford.  Wear a mask when inside picking up food.
  • Order delivery food from restaurants in Oxford.  Wear a mask when around the delivery driver.

If at any time during the 7 day self-quarantine you have symptoms of COVID-19, please seek medical care immediately, wear a mask at all times, and avoid all contact with others.  Follow the medical advice from your health care provider.

If you can use delivery services, please do!  Here are the delivery options in Oxford:

To order groceries (vegetables, fruit, bread, grains, frozen foods, meat, dairy, snacks, etc.) and Household Items (paper products, cleaners, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.):

Restaurant Delivery:


Can I access health care during my 7 day self-quarantine?

Yes, all UM employees and students can access health care through the University Health Services.  For after hours or emergency care, please visit the Health Center’s list of resources.  Remember to wear a mask when visiting clinics.